Who We Are

MERU designs and makes life-changing disability products for children and young people with disabilities. Some children have disabilities so complex that no available products meet their needs.

Our vision

At MERU we use our design and engineering skills to custom-make exactly what each child needs to achieve their goals.

Our aim is to help young disabled people to achieve the following aspirations:

  • I want to feel healthy
  • I want to be comfortable and safe
  • I want to look after myself
  • I want to get around by myself
  • I want to learn and achieve
  • I want to have fun
  • I want to make friends
  • I want to feel liberated

If you would like to support us, why not consider joining our team of volunteers or fundraise for us to help us reach our yearly target of £600,000 to support young people with disabilities.

MERU is part of Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People Family of Charities, working in partnership with other charities in the group for the benefit of children and young people with disabilities.


At MERU we supply and design standard and custom made disability equipment for children and young people. Our aim is to improve the lives of young disabled people and to help all disabled children, young people and their families to live life to its full potential.

We aim to create new possibilities by designing custom-made disability equipment for children to help them feel more healthy, safe and comfortable. Our custom made disability products can also provide independence, liberation, the opportunity to learn and achieve, and the chance to have fun and make friends.

We also offer a range of ready-made disability products designed and manufactured in-house by our engineers and volunteers in response to requests from families and therapists. Sales of these affordable solutions help support our custom-making service.