TechPAD 150 Portable Switch Mount (1151)


 The stylish, innovative new TechPAD enables you to very quickly place an access switch or other small item on a flat surface confident that it won’t slide around when in use! 

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TechPAD has non-slip feet and is versatile, robust, lightweight, washable and incredibly simple to use:

  • Place your TechPAD on a table.
  • Attach your switch or other item to the nylon loop TechPAD surface using self-adhesive ‘hook’ coins or tape.
  • When you press the switch to activate whatever it is connected to, the 4 rubber ‘GripPads’ (see related products below) will hold it in place on the table.
  • TechPAD’s nylon loop surface means you can attach many other small items to the TechPAD, not just switches.

Supplied with 4 GripPads, which can be removed and repositioned to ensure best possible grip for the weight and size of the object you have attached to the mount.

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 10mm thick; GripPads are 44 x 38 x4mm.

Who is TechPAD for?
This product is ideal for use in assessments, for use in a classroom or other situations where switches etc. need to be frequently moved around.  The GripPads are attached by hook & loop ‘hook’ rectangular pads and can be easily removed and repositioned, or used on other nylon loop products.The TechPAD is easy to carry or store.

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