Guy Diamond Talkin’ Troll from DreamWorks Trolls – Switch Adapted (1146)



Experience the DreamWorks Trolls in a totally new way, in a soft and cuddly, deluxe plush form! This plush version of Guy Diamond talks and features cool sound effects straight from the movie. Guy stands at 14 inches tall and includes lots of colourful, plush hair and a comb you can use to create trollicious styles!

Guy Diamond Troll Doll talks and makes cool sound effects and has been adapted by MERU to be able to be operated by an accessible switch which has a jack plug connection lead such as a JellyBean, Spec Switch, Buddy Button or similar.

Please note that this item is adapted to work with a variety of different accessible switch controllers, but does not come with a switch, as different children will have individual requirements as to the best switch for them to use.

If you call us we’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your child.  A selection of different accessible switches can be found in the ‘Switches’ category of the MERU web shop.


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