Club Petz Funny Monkey – switch adapted


Laugh along with this switch adapted Funny Monkey, one of the Fufris Funny Friends range.  He giggles, wiggles and makes rude raspberry- blowing noises!


The whole family will be laughing along to Funny Monkey as he giggles, wiggles and blows noisy raspberries! MERU have adapted Funny Monkey to work with one switch, giving your child the freedom to set Monkey laughing whenever they choose.

Fufris Funny Monkey is part of the Club Petz range.  Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).

Please note that this item is adapted to work with a variety of different accessible switches, but does not come with a switch, as different children will have individual requirements as to the best switch for them to use.  MERU stock a variety of suitable switches in the ‘Switches’ category of our web shop.

Please call us if you need advice and we’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your child.

What does switch adapted mean?

MERU have connected a lead to the toy, meaning that you can plug in a standard switch that uses a 3.5mm jack plug to replicate the original toy controls.  These switches are commonly used in special needs schools and by therapists and teachers.  You can see a range of them on the ‘Switches’ section of our website. Wherever possible we try to keep the original toy controls, so that the toy will still work if you squeeze the tummy/press the hand/press the ear etc.

To make the toy work with a switch, take the jack plug on the end of the switch lead and plug it in to the jack socket on the end of the lead coming from the toy.  Where there is more than one lead coming from the toy, you can plug in more switches or just swap between them.  We put little coloured ties on the leads to help identify which button they replicate.


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