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TravelChair is a unique chair that provides firm, postural support enabling disabled children to fly on commercial aircraft. For information and inquiries about Travelchair please call Graham on 020 8770 1151.

Challenges faced by disabled children on aircraft

Of the 770,000 disabled children under 16 in the UK, few have been able to enjoy air travel due to the perceived limited options for additional support in the chair when travelling on aircraft. Parents with young disabled children may believe their needs cannot be met and do not consider taking a trip by air.

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What is the TravelChair?

The TravelChair is a unique chair that fits into a standard airline seat giving firm, postural support for disabled children whilst they travel by air. It is suitable for disabled children from 3 – 11 years (depending on their size and weight).

The adjustable headrest, footrest and body harness provide various levels of postural support which can allow even severely disabled children the option to fly.

What makes the TravelChair different?

The TravelChair is made from strong, durable materials and has been developed with the parents of disabled children, airlines and the UK Civil Aviation Authority to ensure everyone’s needs are met. It is now approved by EASA.

It can be placed in a standard airline seat so you can sit with your child during the flight.  It is quick to install, has familiar supportive features and fits into the overhead locker when not in use.


TravelChair is available to hire from the new Try b4u Fly service

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Is the TravelChair right for my family?


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