Scalextric Turbo GT – Switch Adapted



Take your races to higher heights. This set contains two renowned German sports cars, both Audi R8 GT3 racers including the striking Spyder model. Featuring a hairpin turn and lap counter, rocket your way through this complex circuit track with skill and aim for the finish line.

Micro scalextric is ideal for the younger slot racer and the perfect introduction to the action-packed world of scalextric racing. This set has been adapted by MERU to be able to be operated by an accessible switch. One car can be powered with the switch adaptation method.

Please note that this item is adapted to work with a variety of different accessible switch controllers, but does not come with a switch, as different children will have individual requirements as to the best switch for them to use. If you would like both controllers to be switch adapted please contact us.

If you call us we’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your child.


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