MERU can adapt interactive toys for disabled children in time for Christmas

Christmas is coming – and MERU can help to adapt toys for children with disabilities to use

Toys with switches that are adapted for children with disabilities can be a great way to encourage interactive play. Some children need bigger switches or controls that are easier to use than those which are supplied as standard.

If this would help a child in your family, or someone you would like to buy a gift for, MERU are happy to add a switch connector into your battery operated toy.

There is no charge for the labour involved in modifying toys, but you do have to supply the toy and the switch. Please note, that not all toys are suitable for modification, but we can give advice on what will work and discuss the child’s specific requirements.

This is available for shipping to UK addresses only and toys must be delivered to MERU by the 13th December  to be returned in time for Christmas. Please contact MERU first before sending the toy.

For more information, please call us on 01372 725203 or email