Accessible Adapted Toys for Christmas

Christmas is coming and it’s never to early to start getting prepared!

Once again, MERU will be adapting toys, to make them more accessible for children with disabilities. The deadline for getting them to us this year, so that they can be converted by our workshop elves and returned in time for Christmas is the 8th December.

What our elves do is to adapt toys so that a large button or switch will make it work, which makes it easier to use. It may seem like a small thing for a child to be able to press a button and make a toy sing or perform some other action, but the first realisation that ‘if I do this, then this happens’ is a crucial part of development.

We also now have a range of ready-adapted toys for sale, that our elves have carefully placed back in the original packaging ready so that they can be wrapped up and given as gifts. These include amazing toys from favourite movies Minions. Click here to see our range of ready adapted toys available to buy now

If you’d like to buy something yourself and send it to us for adaptation, then it’s best to check if it’s suitable before sending it to us. There’s more info here, but we’re happy to offer advice.

To get in touch about adapted toys for Christmas, please call our elf hotline on 01372 725203 or email