MERU creations helping disabled people play musical instruments

MERU is working with the OHMI Trust to adapt or design supports for a range of musical instruments and so far have produced a trumpet stand and a prototype tenor horn stand. The OHMI Trust is the only organisation in the UK working to allow people with physical disabilities to be able to participate in […]

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Helping Toby reach the sink

  Toby, who has cerebral palsy required access to his sink, so he could wash his hands on his own. His parents are very focused on enabling him to be as independent as possible, so asked MERU to design some steps to help. MERU designed and built some steps with adjustable hand rails , so […]

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Helping Charlie play video games

Charlie has a neurological condition, and  is fully dependent on his parents for all care and play activities and drives an electric wheelchair for mobility. Charlie loves video game,s but was having great difficulties using a game console controller. Due to his condition most of the buttons on the controller were inaccessible and required a […]

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Fabulous Flexzi for iPads

Flexzi is our funky, flexible gadget stand that provides support for items like buddy buttons, iPads and mobile phones. It is made from a single or double strand of flexible plastic segments that allows perfect positioning of your devices.

Learn more about Bugzi

Bugzi is a powered micro-wheelchair for children aged 1-5. Click the heading to find out more, including information for OTs, mobility assessors and parents, and how to apply for a Bugzi.

Raise Money For Us

It costs £600,000 each year to provide our unique services. We rely on your donations, fundraising and volunteering to help us continue our vital work supporting disabled children and young people in London and the South East.


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